Why are corona deaths dropping while people getting infected is neutral or more?


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    4 weeks ago
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    In the US, corona infections are skyrocketing.  Deaths are picking up again, but are not commensurate with what they had been earlier in the outbreak. 

    There seem to be a couple reasons for this.  One is that the infected people are younger.  In Florida, the average age of an infectee is something like 35-40 right now.  Younger people are better able to fight off the virus. 

    But we've also become better at treating the virus.  After months of fighting this, the medical community knows a number of tricks to use.  For example, they learned that putting patients on their stomachs helps them breathe better.  They also have drugs like remdesivir which, while not curing the virus, can help people survive it better. 

  • Because more people are getting tested. Some news sources say deaths are climbing now though and that in Texas there is no where to store the dead. 

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    Younger people who are less likely to die are getting infected more.

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    1 month ago

    The easily Culled have been.

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    1 month ago

    Average age of those getting infected dropped and with it, so did the rate of death. The thought was that eventually those people would spread it and that would lead to increased hospitalizations, which we are now seeing. Then lead toan increase in deaths, which will start happening in short order.

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