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Is there a good place to ask stock trading question? ?

I’m learning how to trade and invest in the stock market and have many questions I’d like to ask. I’ve been reading and learning about the stock market, but can’t seem to find a good resource for asking questions. Is there a good place to ask stocks questions from professionals? 

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    The "professionals" have their own opinion about how things are. They may be right. They may not be. Also, these "professionals" likely have money as it is, so their opinion is probably clouded because they are working with big money. I think that youd be better off trying to find someone who has been in the market for years, but is not a "professional". They may be working with money that is more on a beginners starting scale. Dont ask about a Ferrari engine when you have a Kia.

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    Many online brokers offer demo platforms. Once you joined they have people that hold classes where you can ask questions and participate in group chats.

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