I see why Trump supporters distrust science. First they said Earth was the center of the Universe. Then they say Earth goes around the sun?

What's next? Pluto isn't a planet?

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  • God
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    3 weeks ago

    It's called progress. In science, things change when new evidence is presented. That is called honesty. We admit we were wrong and strive to change. Religion is the exact opposite. Rigid, immune to change and dishonest.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Conservatives don’t understand or appreciate the concept of change. New information confuses them. They would rather stay in their conservative ruts, treading the same ground over and over, rather than try to move forward with liberal ideas.  

    Science is something they don’t understand or like because it involves finding new information, which of course invokes change. 

  • Justin
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    3 weeks ago

    Earth IS the center of the universe. Got anything else happening that you see as more of a 'focal point?'

    Only a science nerd would conclude that its relative physical location matters.

    The oldest book in the Bible states that the stars and constellations of the heavens 'set their rule' over the earth, (Job 38:31-33). Just because some people claiming to be Christians failed reading comprehension class doesn't mean that ALL Christians are morons. 

    'Science' first told us that human civilization was doomed in ten years because of an impending global ice age, (1970's). Then it told us that the earth was warming because of the ozone layer depleting and we would be doomed in ten years from uncontrollable skin cancers and then the sudden arrival of an overdue phenomenon that would remove our atmosphere into space during a magnetic field polarity shift, (1980's). Then it told us that the earth was warming because of industrial green house gasses and was doomed in ten years from planetary climate change, (1990's). Then it told us the earth is doomed in ten years because of a global flood that will be caused by polar ice caps melting, (2000's). Now it says that global warming is causing an irreversible process that will destroy nearly all life on the planet in 50 years, which will include increases in the power and frequency of storms, new weather patterns, new lethal diseases and species extinctions caused by molecular-level nitrogen build-ups.

    Maybe ALL of that is true too. It sure sounds believable enough, especially when Hollywood backs it up with sound effects and light shows and encourages widespread marijuana use. We are currently in the peak of 'hurricane season.' 

    GOD tells us that the earth will never again be destroyed by a flood, that He Is Sovereign over the affairs of men, teaching them through illness, hardship and impending crisis, and that He can be trusted to fulfill His promises to those who obey Him. So far so good.

    By the way, whether 'Pluto' is a planet is about as relevant as whether Hillary would have made a good President or kept Bill from defiling any more interns as the nation's 'first gentleman.' Fortunately, it doesn't matter a whit. 

    Trump 2020

  • 3 weeks ago

    It's not a distrust of science, but a healthy skepticism of wild claims that may not be supported by the data, such as the claim of man-caused climate change.

    The scientific method is all about being able to prove to the skeptics that something is true.  If the data and the models prove accurate and the skeptical scientist is able to reproduce the results, that is the basis for a valid theory.

    The models of the effects of the Wuhan coronavirus we were shown in February and March had significant variation between the upper and lower limits.  This means they didn't know much of anything about the virus, hence the late determinations by our pandemic experts regarding social distancing and mask-wearing.

    Never forget that science brought us things like phrenology and eugenics and the Tuskegee experiment.  One should always be skeptical of scientific claims of disaster.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    If the universe is infinite, then every point in space is the center.

  • Leo
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    3 weeks ago

    They view Trump as the center of the universe.

  • LAN
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    3 weeks ago

    It's hard to tell if a post is mocking liberals or is actually a post by a liberal..

  • 3 weeks ago

    Well, liberals think that there are thousands of genders and that environment is the only determinant of intelligence. So that's pseudo-scientific right there.

    ''Pluto isn't a planet?''

    Scientists are unsure whether Pluto is a planet if you haven't noticed.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Why should I believe anything they say when they change their "facts" every century?

  • a2yar
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    3 weeks ago

    Science never said the earth was center. Religion did

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