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The girl’s mother (neighbor) said to my mother if I have an addiction. What does that mean?

im 23. i didn't do nothing to them. i was just busy with my stuff. i thought my mom had an accident with something and called for help. when i go to them saw my mom was talking to my dad. i was like "pheew" ( due to corona you know what I mean)

and then i went back to my room and saw some girls at the window (they called me but i didn't understand what was going on) when the girl saw me they were like going to the room  (they were just 4 girls i think umm maybe older to younger girls they are like 12 or 15+ i guess i wasn't sure). and one girl was standing there and she was just staring me at and i was doing the same 

because i was trying to make sure who it was really. that girl was like freaked out or something. and that girl told other girl to talk to me (i didn't hear them i just saw their behavior). 


that girl told me "hey why do you light on and light off what is your problem?"(it was my phone they doubted about. my phone had came some messages with flash notification. it was night and in my room was dark. i turn my lights off when working)

i told her "i was just lying down it was phone with flash notification" she was oh... she didn't say nothing her mouth was zipped.

Update 2:

 i went to my mom and told her to come my room. and their mother came.(turned my light on) my mom talked with her ( was there). she says "i was sleeping i heard someting who was talking to daughter" there she goes she says that to my mom "does your son have an addiction?" (i had no idea) and my mom replied "no"...

Update 3:

i just told her in front of my mom "did i disturb you? bcz i didn't do anything wrong. she's was gone without telling us. thats it.. every night those girls just having fun and playing and watching tv or any activities. she knows them (their mother) that's why she didn't say anything...

-i never peeking on them or watching them...

now could be the reason she was thinking that i have an addiction?

Update 4:

now what could be the reason she(their mother) was thinking that i have an addiction?

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  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago

    you need to ask her this question

  • Tj
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    4 weeks ago

    Why were those girls at the window watching in?  Tell your MOM...cover yourself.

  • 4 weeks ago

    If you "didn't do nothing", then you must have done something. What was it?

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