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I think my brother hates me?

My brother always talk bad bout me behind my back with his friends I can hear him talk bad about me he always assumes I am sleeping but I’m not. He always talks about how much of a crybaby I am how I don’t care about my education how annoying I am etc and it makes me so sad and depressed. He embarrasses me in front of his friends sometimes and it hurts me soooo bad! Today he texted me “hi hana 👋 “ sense he is visiting one of his friends and me and him are at a distance right now and my brother sent my mom a text saying “happy?” which means that  he wasn’t saying “hi” to make sure I was ok or to greet me he was saying hi because my mom asked him too he even sent a picture of his text message of him saying “hi” to me and I was sooo pissed off again like I said he wasn’t saying hi to greet me he was saying hi just because my mom asked him too 🙄 I got so sad because I did absolutely nothing to him like I don’t even bother him and he hates me for no reason at all!! It’s like he wants to ruin my life or something and it’s getting on my last nerves!!!!!! Can anyone please help me 

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  • Pearl
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    maybe you should ask your brother to stop doing that

  • 4 weeks ago

    🥴 It happens, kid. To all of us. Sibling rivalry is a part of growing up.

    Now do to your brother, what I did to my siblings. 😎

    Block his number. Ignore him and act like he is the plague. Only speak when you have to (daily chores). Other than that, alienate him and do your own thing. 🥴

    Eventually, your brother will be following your coat tails around when he has no friends.

    🥴 And by then you'll be annoyed with his clinging loneliness.

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