Can Muslim girls wear skirts/dresses that come down to the knee in Western countries?

I'm writing a story for a class and I was gonna have a female character that wears a hijab and I wasn't sure if it would be okay for her to wear a skirt/dress that comes down to the knees. She would also be wearing tights/leggings under it.

Also as a note this wouldn't be set in a Muslim or conservative country. This will be set in an alternate world/universe kinda like Earth.

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    1 month ago
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    Yes, they can wear a skirt with tights. Tights alone without a skirt or a knee-lenth skirt without tights are usually too revealing though. A lot of 'MusIim' girls in America wear some more revealing clothes anyway, but I don't think they're technically supposed to.

  • 1 month ago

    You mean, a character WHO wears a hijab.

    Use 'who' for people.

    I also think you mean ... a skirt that ONLY comes down to the knees. Unless you insert "only", it sounds as if you think a Muslim girl would normally wear a very short skirt, and that you wanted to ask if it was OK for her to wear a longer one.

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