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Is it impossible to stop covid-19?

We all are trying hard to stop this pandemic for several months, but still there is no improvement. It seems like our efforts have gone vain. Still people are getting corona everyday and cases are increasing rapidly.

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    That only applies to countries where the leadership totally F#kd up like the USA, Brazil, Italy, Sweden, etc. Other countries such as New Zealand & Japan have done an excellent job. So no, it's not unstoppable IF you've got smart, capable people in charge of the government.

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    It is already possible to cure people but shadow government want us to die because of over population. 5G mobile radiation is causing the deaths but nobody cares. Corona is a simple flu but look at the rollout areas ofor 5G - you will find the decreased cases.

  • Some people are ignorant or they think covid 19 won't affect them. This virus can affect any one at any age. Or they just don't care, they still want to live life as it was before. Young people are getting sick too. Lock down and stay at home measures were supposed to help slow the spread of covid 19. If / when they end those measures, people should be doing what they can to prevent themselves from getting covid 19.

    People have to stop hanging out in large crowds and start practicing physical distancing, also limiting capacity with indoor public areas. In my area things like this are working to flatten the curve, there was only 100 new cases yesterday. If people want to get case numbers down, they have to smarten up and listen to what their health officials are recommending. The safety measures do work if they're applied properly.

    Covid probably won't stop spreading until there's a vaccine, but there are safety measures being taken to slow the spreading of it. 

  • The only way to stop it is a vaccine, if that is even possible.

    Lockdowns and other restrictions like masks only slow things down and bankrupt the economy, the minute you ease restrictions the virus will come back.

    The best vaccine anyone can ever get is simply being healthy, watch your diet and get some exercise and your chance of getting sick is virtually zero.

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