Feel like I’m playing catch up on life????

So I’m 28, 29 in December. Last year I went back to school to finish my last class I needed to transfer to a 4 year university. I took a break in 2017 to work in my field. It had taken me 10 years to get myself to finish college. I did graduate community college in 2016...but after that I got scared about the 4 year so I wanted to work in my field of study. 

Idk why I have this feeling that I’m too old for this college life. In community college I joined clubs and met cool new people but with covid I know college life is going to be different now. But at 28 I feel like my time has pass. I need to get my **** together. Which I do but I also want to enjoy the university and be more comfortable with the school. Throughout the years at the community college I hated being there. I hated the school, the professors. It’s because of that it took so long to get out of there. Now That I’ll be at a school that I chose and got accepted to Im hoping it will bring me positivity and motivation. 

Anyways Am I over reacting about feeling too old for college? I mean most people have their masters at my age by now :/

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  • John
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    3 weeks ago

    I'm afraid your message leaves your past college timeline unclear.  From what I can determine, it seems to have taken you at least 6 years to complete CC.  Depending on why it took so long, that could be a matter for concern.  

    If the reason was because you worked full-time while going to CC part-time, there should be no problem.  You do, though, mention you were in activities.  Most "full-time employed/part-time students" don't do that.  That leads me to suspect you may have struggled with the academics.  If that is the case, the academic demands at a 4 year school will be more strenuous than at a CC.  I would in that instance recommend careful thought before starting classes.

  • 3 weeks ago

    OK, first, the average age of undergraduate students at my university is 27. I have graduate students in their 30s and 40s. Many people get out of school, work for a few years, and decide they need an advanced degree, or that they want to change their careers. You'll work until at least 65, which is 36 years for you, so how can it be too late to finish school or to go to graduate school? I love older students who have been working- they have a much better idea of why they're in school, and are more motivated. They bring all that experience into the classroom. You're not going to get the full college experience this fall, certainly, but frankly, it's overrated anyway. It's not like the movies. Just finish your degree and get on with your life. 

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