After someone has finished quarantine, are they safe to be around?

Especially if they live with others who quarantine with them. How do I know it will be safe? I don't know that they will be around any different people than before their quarantine. I mean if they test negative after quarantine, then it shouldn't matter if they are around the same people, should it? I know they won't purposely be around others who may have it after quarantine but the key word is purposely.  The virus won't care if they are exposed accidentally or purposely.  I live in a county with a low rate of Covid-19 but am still scared of it.

When someone is done with the 2 week quarantine are they safe to be around?


If after quarantine they are retested, do they stay in quarantine until they get the results of the test?

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    4 weeks ago
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    The big problem with corona transmission is that a lot of people who have the disease (perhaps 50% or more) have no symptoms.  So if you quarantine you might still have it, even if you haven't developed any symptoms. 

    But let's say that you quarantined and didn't get tested and definitely don't have corona.  That person would be safe to be around.  But that safety would only last until they came into contact with someone else.  So once your friend goes to the store, for example, they are potentially exposed and can no longer be counted on to be virus free.  When interacting with anyone outside your household you should observe social distancing and proper sterile procedures as much as possible. 

  • After some one has finished a quarantine, they should get re tested to be sure that they're negative. If they're negative they should be safe to be around. If you're not comfortable being in close physical contact with them, then tell them you would feel safer if you practice physical distancing while you're with them. 

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