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Is Cody booking himself In AEW Wrestling?

We all know Cody Rhodes is the Vince president of AEW im getting really tired of him winning in every match even against his brother Dustin I have a feeling he going to become Triple H win every match during his prime until he retires Im pretty sure alot of people will hate Cody for his bad booking alot of wrestlers will start to hate Cody just like most wrestlers hates Triple H now because all he did was buries everyone. If I was a wrestler & I knew the boss only book himself I would just leave the company I would not care if the company is huge because I would not want to be a jobber to the boss. 

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    I don't think he's officially in creative, because I don't think they have a creative, but I'm sure he has pull in how he's booked.  Honestly, from the way AEW's presented itself, most people have a hand in how they're used.  I wouldn't compare him to Triple H for the simple fact that Cody isn't burying anyone.  He's having competitive matches against people he talks up as challengers and usually ekes out the victory in the end, whereas Triple H would talk down to his opponents and then beat them clean or dominantly.  He'd also still be in the world title picture, which Cody isn't currently and probably wont be for the foreseeable future.

    As for Cody being the boss, he isn't.  The buck stops with Tony Kahn.  Everyone with a role in AEW has said so, so if he doesn't enjoy Cody going out there and putting over young talents in losing efforts for the gold, he Tony can stop it any time he wants.

    Burial is such an overused word in wrestling fandom.  It rarely happens, and yet everyone calls foul when their favorite isn't immediately pushed the way they want them pushed.  

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