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My grandparents house has a SEVERE roach infestion ?

But my grandpa says he cant afford to call someone to get rid of the roaches so what can I do to get rid of them all

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    What Richard said will do the job and will continue to kill for several months.

  • 3 weeks ago

    First, clean out the cupboard of ALL food and throw it all away, except canned food. Yes, throw away all boxed food, regardless if it has ever been opened or not. Roaches can get into an unopened box of pasta, crackers, cereal and prepackaged foods.

    Empty every cabinet, under the sink and all drawers. When new food ismpurchased, put it in air tight containers.

    Call your local Dept for the Elderly and ask for assistance.

    Google information on how to self fumigated without an extermanist.

    If they live in an apartment, then the landlord needs to be notified because otherwise, those roaches will scatter to other units and return again later. Unless the whole building is exterminated, then the problem will not go away.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Clean the house, then try some ortho home defense max. good stuff

  • 4 weeks ago

    There's nothing you can do unless you want to foot the bill.  It needs a major fumigation.  If really bad, the house may need to be tented.  A lesser approach would be bug bombs.  Why don't you suggest to them that they refinance or sell the house and buy something they can afford.

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  • Murzy
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    Boric Acid                                       .

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    Its going to take time and work..

    Clear out clutter as much as possible.

    Seal ALL food..  You open a box of cereal?  It needs to go either in a ziplock back or a tupperware type container..   Same with things like sugar flour, etc.

    Clean up dirty dishes after use.. Dry and put away.

    Take out trash regularly...

    You want to remove food and water resources as much as possible.

    Get roach bait..  You want the kind with insect growth regulator in it if possible to essentially give them bug birth control.

    Also use boric acid...  Have some mixed with sugar in containers and some mixed with flour in containers..  Some roaches like sweets, some like the carbs..  Either way, its bait.

    Roaches eat the bait, go back to the colony and eventually die..  Other roaches eat their poisoned comrade and will also become poisoned.

    Its going to take MONTHS of keeping things clean and putting out bait and traps to get rid of them, but its not impossible to do it yourself.

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