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Coronavirus in the work place ?

We had a staff member at work get tested for coronavirus. She did not have any symptoms but came to work wearing a mask at all times. Friday she found she was positive and hasn’t been back since. We found out today the results and news. I asked my boss she said the health department said it’s ok since she showed no symptoms but it’s personal choice to be tested. My question is I never came in contact with her. But I did sit in certain places she coulda sat in. She had no symptoms wore a mask and everything. Is it possible I could get it or what would be the best option to do in a time like this? Thank you everyone. 


I have been experiencing a mild sore throat and some nausea. But I would of never thought twice about it until I heard today. I suffer from really bad anxiety. So what I feel is very common. 

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    My understanding is that being asymptomatic doesn't make you less contagious except in that coughing releases more of the particles. 

    Now, masks do cut down, sometimes dramatically, on the spread of the disease.  The double layer home made masks that a lot of people wear reduce the distance that droplets can be propelled by your breath from about six feet to just a couple of inches. 

    You say you sat in some places she could have sat in.  The risk there is probably pretty minimal in terms of touching surfaces.  To get the disease she'd have to have coughed/breathed on her hands or other body parts and then touched the surfaces of the seating area without having washed or disinfected her hands before doing so.  Then you'd have to sit there, touched the same exact spots that she did, and then touch your eyes, mouth, or nose without washing/disinfecting your hands.  In addition, once the virus leaves the human body it starts to die.  The virus will generally become non transferable on surfaces a few hours after landing on them, at most.  So if she sat there on her lunch break and then you sat there at the end of the day you'd probably be safe, even if she did manage to get virus on the surfaces.  If the seating area was in direct sunlight then you might be even more safe, since sunlight seems to kill the virus in a matter of minutes. 

    The wild card here might be air quality.  Most of the droplets emitted when you breathe are large and will settle to the ground pretty quickly, so the danger is someone breathing on you directly.  But some particles are small and can linger in the air longer.  It's unclear how long these particles can do so and how much air conditioning systems can spread them.  We know that, in general, it's safer to be outside and/or in spaces which are well venitlated to the outdoors.  Indoor areas which are enclosed, and with recycled air, seem to be more dangerous. 

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    it is possible--if you are really concerned-go get a test done!  then you won't have to worry about it.  if she only wore the mask after getting tested it is possible she could have given it to people before getting tested--if she's always worn a mask--it isn't likely she gave you anything.

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    you will not get it that way

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    It is possible to infect others even if you show no symptoms.

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