How people can kill everything you feel very easily. I cant even look at his photo any more although I was so much in love with him. ?

They choose the bad over you and dont care about you. They think you are a robot. You wont feel sad, you wont cry etc. I hope all the feelings you made me feel, you feel them and suffer too. I hope you will soemday fall madly in love with someone and she will make you suffer too. I wish the worst pf the worst. You will know how now I feel now

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  • Aiden
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    3 weeks ago
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    I can guarantee you that people who don't care about anything do have their own pains.

    I personally am a high functioning psychopath. I was born without empathy. I literally cannot care about other people, it's impossible. There's something different about my brain that does not allow it.

    My own parents could die and it wouldn't bother me in the slightest. I could've killed them myself and all I would say is "ah well".

     Of course I'm fond of my parents and I don't want to see them go, if they died I would feel sad. Not because they died and I can imagine their pain and I miss them, but simply because I lost someone I liked. I suppose to you it would be the same feeling as if you lost your mobile phone.

    So that's how I act to people. I simply don't care. I will use people manipulate them and leave them after I got what I want.

    But it does not mean that I don't hurt in my own way. My indifference towards other people tends to keep me at a distance from them. The only thing I can say with confidence I feel more than the average joe is loneliness. I am incredibly lonely. I crave to meet someone that gets me.

    So it is impossible for me to love someone. Even if I somehow did and she ditched me, I wouldn't care in the slightest. I'll never understand your pain. But take comfort that people like me are probably hurting in other ways. In fact they're probably hurting themselves every time they hurt someone else.

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