Is Microsoft going overboard with Xbox Series X? ?

I mean... really... built in Ray Tracing, GPU that outperforms 2080s, up to 8K res? No one is gonna use that because barely any 8K TVs are even sold yet...

I would think adding all these featires would make them take a bigger hit on every console sold. How powerful is this thing, exactly? 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    There was a rumor about Nvidia adding a co-processor for Ray Tracing with their next Generation Graphics cards. If that's true then I don't know how well Ray Tracing will work on these new consoles unless they're also using a co-processor.

    The system would be able to output to an 8k display but it will downscale like current consoles do at 4k. From what I understand, the new XBone will be able to handle 4k at 120fps, but the graphical quality will have to be lowered to achieve this. If you had a PC system with an RTX 2080 Super, you could run games at low quality settings at 4k and get some decently high framerates. 

    Otherwise I don't really know and I don't really care. Each time a new console comes out, Nvidia craps on it by bringing out a new Graphics card. Happened with the PS3 when Nvidia release the 8800 GTX, happened with the PS4 when Nvidia release the GTX 780ti and AMD launched the R9 290x, now it's happening again with Nvidia releasing Ampere around September and AMD is releasing Navi 2. 

    I did hear that the new consoles will use Navi 2 GPU's so no surprise there.  

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