How can I get my dad to give up smoking?

My dad is 55 and has been smoking since he was about 15, me and my family have tried for years to try to get him to stop but he just doesn’t seem to want to. I’m so worried something will happen to him, he’s started coughing after every cigarette and he has a high blood pressure. Every time I try to talk to him about it and say I’m worried he just doesn’t seem to care. 

Myself, my mum and my sister tried to get him to quit during lock down, originally he seemed okay with the idea and we thought he was finally comming to his senses and he started cutting down as my mum kept hold of his cigarettes and rationed him throughout the day, anyway it didn’t last long as she found a stash hidden in his car so we gave up.

He has to want to help himself, does anyone have any advice, please not unhelpful comments I’m desperate! 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I understand that a 55 year old might think it's stupid, some don't agree with it for whatever reason... But vaping helped me quit.

    I'm 29. I smoked from 15 to about 27.

    Even if vaping is as bad as cigarettes it gave me a viable path that worked for me. By that I mean quitting cold turkey and slowly weening myself off cigarettes with cigarettes did not work.

    It's an option. One that allows you to actually ween yourself off cigarettes by regulating the nicotine strength.

    If it's something that he's interested in a vape shop can help him. They'll walk him through everything no matter which device he chooses. And get a regulated device. One that will protect him from anything going boom.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You're not going to get him to do anything by trying to say the same old "you're hurting yourself!" things. You need to make him consider the danger he is causing to everyone around him.

    Second hand smoke can be more lethal to people than directly smoking cigarettes, putting everyone in your household at greater risk of death by cancer than him, essentially slowly murdering those he loves.

    Tobacco smoke effects machines too, not just humans. Any dust inside of a nearby computer will become infused with the smoke and become foul smelling and nearly impossible to clean, putting the device in a horrible state.

    The smoke can also slowly taint the home itself. Recoloring the surroundings and giving them the same bad smell. I think throwing all that on top of the fact that it costs absurd amounts of money to keep up a smoking habit due to cigarette cost and increased insurance payments should make him feel something.

  • 4 weeks ago

    🥴 Leave him alone.

    I'm just like him. And anything you try will encourage him to smoke more.

    He has to stop on his own. Just pray for him and pray he stops *without consequences.*

    Your disdain can actually be a curse that WILL induce an illness on him. 

    With ppl like me and your dad, it's the only thing that gives us peace. Solace.

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