When will it be safe to have a wedding without social distancing restrictions ?

I’m just wondering as we have to postpone our wedding that was supposed to happen next week, and don’t know when it will be safe to have a wedding again. We don’t want to elope because we want our families to see it happen, but at the same time I don’t want to keep postponing and putting off marriage, but there doesn’t seem to be a time table for when things will go back to normal. So what can I do?

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    In many places, the answer is that crowds spread the Corona virus and the outbreak is terrible now. If you get one supercarrier in your guest list, and even one person dies, you will regret this your entire life.

    You should get your brain working. There are three parts to the event.

    The wedding ceremony, marriage itself and the life commitment, and the reception.

    You can have a wedding and marriage. The reception should be at a later date.

    Restricted guest list to the wedding itself. You do not have to elope. You do not need an extended family witnessing vows. You can stream the event if you wish.

    The guests to the actual wedding should be practicing recommended guidance.

  • It depends in which country do you live. I guess according to the current situation it will take at least 6-10 months to active this, so I can't imagine any wedding without social distancing at least in this year if you follow the guidelines. 

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