How to run an HOA election for 3 open positions?

Our HOA president died. Turns out there is not HOA board, and only one election ever took place. So we need a board of 3 people. As you can imagine, there’s a ton of drama and infighting. So here’s my question:

1. Is it necessary to get an outside person to “run” the election? If so, any advice how to do that?

2. We already had an election that people rejected since it used a complicated “single vote transferable” ranked voting system. It was very convoluted and no one understood it. The bylaws state you vote a member at a time. What’s the best way to this with 3 openings?

3. Could you have 3 ballots, with instructions to vote for someone new each time? Would that work?

Below are our bylaws:

 "Election of directors shall be by ballot in which votes are cast in favor of any many directors as there are vacancies to fill. The person receiving a majority of the votes cast shall be elected. If no person receives a majority vote, as many additional ballots shall be taken as may be required and in each such case, the nominee receiving the least number of votes in the previous ballot shall be eliminated from further consideration."

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    1. If you can't figure this out yourselves, get an outside person.

    2. The bylaws don't say you vote a member at a time.  The bylaws that you quoted say that if there are 3 vacancies to fill, then each person can vote for three candidates.

    3. No, someone could ignore the instructions and vote for the same person more than once.  Have one ballot, with each person allowed to vote for 3 candidates on that one ballot.  Simpler and it's what your bylaws say to do.

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