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Is anyone else feeling depressed and anxious about the prospect of homeschooling this year?

So many districts are going to either have hybrid education plans (that will last about a week at a time before someone gets sick) or completely online and it's starting to feel really overwhelming. I feel like my kindergartener is being punished for something. She wants to go to school and be with her friends and I want that for her so bad but it cant happen and I dont know what I'm going to do for the next year feeling like this. I'm depressed, anxious, I feel like I'm failing as a parent because I have zero idea how to even start an entire homeschool program from scratch.... it just all feels like too much

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    If you actually "feel" that your child is being punished for something, you're nuts. Going to school is not to "see your friends". You can do that at home, even with covid restrictions, by meeting in small groups and following good distancing practices, indoors or outdoors. And many children throughout history have been raised without playing with many other children on a daily basis. My mother and father both lived on isolated farms (or ranches) and only saw other children once  a week at church.  School consisted of one-room schoolhouses where there were only a few children, and even fewer their own age.  They grew up healthy, mentally and physically.  Provide good play support for your child at home, and engage with other families with children occasionally while following good distancing practices. Follow your local school recommendations for her education.

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    I understand your concern. The American Society of Pediatricians has issued a statement that the damage being done by keeping children out of school, both academically and socially, is far worse than their risk of COVID. In Florida, they offered parents a choice, and only 25% of parents chose to keep their children out of school for the upcoming year. But many districts are not offering that choice. Because of selfish and stupid people who refuse to follow the recommendations, we are still have soaring outbreaks of the virus- schools are fearful of parents suing the school, teachers are fearful of being infected- the whole thing is a mess, and our children are going to suffer the most. 

    What you should keep in mind is that kindergartner's learn the most from playing. While schools have recently emphasized academics more, it really isn't necessary. Most are not ready to read yet, and they will catch up quickly in the 1st grade. If your child was going to be enrolled in a public school, they should be providing materials for home study. My son had zoom sessions with his teacher and the other students last spring, which helped. 

    Now, about socializing- I don't know where you are. The regulations are different in different places. Where I am, it's allowed to have gathering of up to 10, and I see mothers with their kids together at our pool. The risk is much, much less outdoors. See if you can arrange outings with other parents, so that your child has a chance to play with other kids. 

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    Take a deep breath. 

    First, if you choose to educate your child at home this year, understand that there are dozens of online programs -- many free public school programs -- that require little more than the parent to supersize the child while they do the work.  All the instruction, materials, assignments, and assessments are done by the program.  This is schooling at home.

    If you actually want to home school your child, there are also dozens of curriculums and materials you can buy to help support you. Some are religion-based and some are not.  Some are classical and some are more "Montessori-like."  Again, lots and lots of resources for you.

    Kindergarten isn't that hard.  If you are already reading together, playing games and singing songs about colors, shapes, numbers, etc. -- you are well on your way.  

    The only part your daughter will miss out on is the social interaction and learning to follow rules with other students.  Yes, that is unfortunate.  

    I also disagree with your assumption that if one child gets sick, the schools will close.  That isn't at all what the planning is about.  The assumption is that people will get sick.  Just like every school year, students will get any number of viral and bacterial infections. The goal is to minimize the spread of illness between students and students and staff but providing more social distance, increased cleaning, not sharing items, and altering "traffic patterns" within the school buildings.  

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    Children will not be homeschooling they will be doing distant learning or online school. There is a big difference between homeschooling and online school. Homeschooling parents have full control over their child's curriculum, how their child learns and when their child learns. Online school or distant learning is still controlled by the state, not the parents. 

    That said I'd suggest you look for a local homeschool group. Our church is hosting a co/op for many parents in this situation who actually want to homeschool and not follow the state-required curriculum. Check Facebook by searching "city/state homeschool co-op". Many co-ops meet once a week or more for children to learn together, do field trips and more. 

    Source(s): homeschool parent for over 18yrs - one child working on her Masters, another in nursing school and another recently graduated homeschool
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    It is sad but good children realizing today there are circumstances you don't like that can kill you.

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