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What does the phrase "over right or wrong" mean exactly here?

"But perceptive critics have identified a more ambivalent side to Henry. The great essayist William Hazlitt saw in Hal ‘a very amiable monster, a very splendid pageant’, 33who preferred brute force over right or wrong."

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    One interpretation is that morals, principles, etc are irrelevant when the contest is between what should be and what can be. For example, this is the opposite of the expression, "the pen is mightier than the sword." It offers the opiinion that "might makes right" because, when brute force is pitted against logic, the only thing that matters is which side is stronger or has the most power.

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    brute force versus right or wrong

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    It means the same thing as 'preferred brute force to right or wrong'.

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    They preferred A over B and C.

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    the over is used to link "brute force" to "right or wrong" as choices, and declare that the first (brute force) is seen as Hal's choice when faced with that option.

    I like this, I do not like that.

    I prefer this to that.

    I choose this over that.  over means above (on the level of preference; it is higher in level of want or desire or value).

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    Means over consideration of the properness of his actions.

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    It means Hal didn't care too much about the details of a subject, he just liked to hit things.  He was a doer more than a thinker.

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