Is this psycopath natal chart?

He is  nice person but i feel something he wrong  and i found out he  did toy my sister feelings too  after that he is done and  calling her names like ugly and crazy and now he use  a fake account to accuse  others and try to get my attention and he will take out his anger on others and possesive 

Sun Aquarius in 5

Moon Scorpio in 2

Mercucy Capricorn in 4

Venus Sag in 3 near 4

Mars Scorpio in 1

Urauns Sag in 3

Jupiter Capricorn in 3

Neotune Capricorn in 3

Pluto Scorpio in 1

Ascedant Libra

Midheaveh Cancer

Sun Sextile Moon

Sun Square Mars

Sun Trine Pluto 

Sun Trine Asscedant

Moon  Sextile Mercucy

Moon Conjuct Pluto

Moon Conjuct Mars

Moon Conjuct Saturn 

Moon Trine Midheaven

Mercucy Sextile Mars

Mercucy Conjuct Jupiter

Mercucy Sextile Saturn

Mercucy Square Asscedant

Mecucy Oppisite Midheaven

Venus Conjuct Jupiter

Venus Conjuct Neptune

Venus Sextile Pluto

Venus Oppisite Midheaven

Mars Conjuct Saturn

Mars Conjuct Pluto

Mars Trine Midheaven

Jupiter Conjuct Neptune

Jupiter Sextile Pluto

Jupiter Square Asscedant

Neptune Sextile Pluto

Neptune Opoisite Midheaven

Pluto Trine Midheaven

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  • GibBas
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    1 month ago
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    He could be extremely possessive but at the same time need his own independence, (Aquarius Sun square Mars in Scorpio let alone those Moon, Mars, Saturn and Pluto aspects), I'd be very wary from what little you state about him.

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