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Am I wrong for being hurt by brothers choice?

So my brother is gay and he's getting married next year. He says he will have 3 bridesmaids and the rest are boys. 1 bridamaid is my brother's finances little sister, and 2nd one is gonna be my brother's best friend who's female and the last choice he's picked our older sister which I don't get on with, the family are not even that close with her. Appranltyy she demanded she'd be a bridesmaid, she is the type to want the attention etc. I'm kind of hurt by this because, as I'm the youngest sister who is close to him and I don't get this at all. Why pick someone you see that often to be bridesmaid. 

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  • Kelly
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    4 weeks ago
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    It's normal to feel left out or hurt and you're not wrong for how you feel per se.  However, in the end the choice of the wedding party is the couple getting married and nobody is owed a spot in someone else's wedding.

    Just because you don't see someone often doesn't mean you can't be close to them.  My bff lives in Chicago and I live in Ann Arbor, MI..  I'm closer to him than friends I see everyday.  We've been friends for 22 years and started out as co-workers, neither of us work there anymore.  Straight up platonic friends, he's gay so I'm clearly not his type.

  • Trish
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    4 weeks ago

    She told him to choose her as a bridesmaid you said why not do the same because the squeakyest wheel does get the most oil.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Why don't you ask him. How are we going to know?

  • Foofa
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    4 weeks ago

    It's pretty customary to choose siblings as your attendants when you get married. Weddings are supposed to be a chance to bring the family together and celebrate something beautiful. If your brother wants her there you should be okay with it because it's his decision to make. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Wow!for bridesmaids you usually pick your best friends,or your female family members(should be you,the younger sister).is it really too much hassle to get you a dress?!could you offer to buy the dress yourself?That's well bad,maybe you're better looking than the bride and she doesn't want you upstaging her?!I had a woman wear a white dress to my wedding,she was angry that we hadn't discussed what my dress looked like so wore it in protest,my now ex husband's aunt.

    Source(s): My own awful wedding.x
  • 4 weeks ago

    This is only hurtful if you allow it to be hurtful.

    For crying out loud, we are talking about  what, a 15 minute wedding ceremony and a 240 minute party? That is one half of one day.

    Your sister bullied her way into this wedding party. That is no great honor, nor is it that big of a deal to shut her face up.

    Trust me, you will have such a better time on the wedding day as a guest, you will.  Unless  of course, you sulk through the whole ordeal.

  • 4 weeks ago

    well sally, listen dear child, you werent picked bc well nobody in your family likes you. so so so sorry it had to be this way but my buddy rick and i brainwashed your family into liking you but really they dont. in fact, they almost payed rick to ''kidnap'' you LOL. anyways, yah you should be hurt. stay mad. bitches fall in ditches. haha. dont care.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    His wedding his choice get over it and stop whining like a little brat

  • 1 month ago

    Why don’t you try telling your brother how you feel? It sounds like he’s been manipulated into making your sister a bridesmaid, and if he can only pick 3 then he might feel like there’s nothing he can do 

  • edward
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    1 month ago

    They are grooms people, not bridesmaids.  There is no bride, there are no bridesmaids.  You are not the one getting married.  My sister was not in my wedding party, my wife already had her group planned, my sister was not one of them...her brother wasn’t one of mine either. Sooo...i guess it’s a fair trade

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