PC is not displaying to monitor ?

Everytime I go to boot my PC, all the fans spin like normal except for the GPU, the GPU fans turn on but then start spinning very slowly while I have a black screen. 

Prior to this happening I changed the thermal paste on my GPU (which I've done a couple times before) and played games on it for about four hours until I shut down the pc myself. 


Any opinions on what this could be?

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    It might be possible that the goop you put on the GPU chip was too much.  With some heating after 4 hours of running, the excess might have run down to contact some traces.  There could be some shorting of the power system--makes the fans run slowly, and no video output.  Investigate that.

    That is all that can be suggested from the details you gave, which were slim.

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