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Why are spiders not bugs or insects!?

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    "Bugs" is a colloquialism for all tiny creatures, typically of the invertebrate type... so spiders are considered bugs... however, "insect" refers to 6-legged arthropods that have wings, whereas spiders are Arachnids (typically with 8 legs, although no always) which means that they have jointed feet.

    Scorpions are also in the Arachnid family, although they have 6 legs and two "arms" (with pincers)... whereas camel spiders are not Arachnids... they are Solifugae.

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    You have well noticed, they are somewhat related.

    Both spiders and insects have a body enclosed in a segmented shell, they have jointed legs, paired antennas, and have no bones.

    Animals having those traits are called Arthropods.

    Arthropods are divided into 4 large groups:

    1. spiders and scorpions

    2. insects

    3. centipedes

    4. crabs and lobsters

    A long time ago, there was the 5th group, animals called trilobites that lived in the sea and resembled crabs, but they went extinct long before dinosaurs.

    The main visible difference between spiders and insects is that spiders (and scorpions to which they're closely related) have 8 legs, insects have 6.

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    Insects have 6 legs or fewer. Spiders have 8 legs. Spiders are not insects but they can be called bugs. The term bug can also be used to refer to insects of course.  The term bug is not a scientific one. Insect is. Insect is the common name for the group called Class Insecta in the Phylum Arthropoda. Bug can refer to a lot of different small animals, and mostly used to refer to those that annoy people. For example, some people call centipedes, millipedes, worms, snails, slugs, and even germs such as bacteria and viruses bugs. None of these bugs are insects. 

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    Well, 'bugs' is usually a catchall term for any arthropod animal.

    I, myself may sometimes call spiders bugs.

    "insects" is a class of arthropod animal being specific in belonging in that class.

    "true bugs" are in this class also.

    Spiders (Aranea) are in one of 10 orders plus 1 subclass within the class "Arachnida"

    So in that, spiders are usually considered "Arachnids".

    Biologic features identify arthropods and place them in this taxonomic list in some organized manner. there are 4 subphylums belonging to arthropods.

    Below, you can expand " Hexapoda" (animals with 6 jointed legs) to find the class Insecta (insects)

    Expand "Chelicerata" to find "Arachnida" which you will find spiders.

    So you can see here that spiders are very different animals than bugs or insects.

    Some further reading about the phylogenic 'tree of life'

    All living things are in this tree.

    Hope this helps.

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    They have 8 legs insects and bugs have 6.

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    Because they are Arachnids. Same reason goats are not fish.

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    Insects have three parts to their body ... head, thorax and abdomen.  Spiders have two parts, a cephalothorax and an abdomen. 

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