Why are people calling Neil Druckman a feminist?

The Last of Us 2 tells a story about women who try to kill each other after they both lose a strong male leader in their lives. The people complaining about this game don't seem to be giving Tommy enough credit. Considering what he went through, I'm amazed he survived. He was no push over either, going up against him, playing as Abby in that sniper battle was intense and he proved to be just as deadly as his brother Joel. 

Anyone could've predicted after playing the first game that Joel was gonna die if the story continued. I don't understand why gamers were so surprised by this? How many times did they expect him to cheat death? Honestly, even Ellie could die just to prove that her immunity does not make her important. I don't think she has plot armor. The Last of Us is story about enduring the pain and heartache that comes with survival, not finding a cure. Yes I am annoyed that men are constantly being sacrificed to protect their loved ones, as if the only reason for a man to exist is to jump in front of a bullet for a woman. It sends the message that men simply have less value than a woman and are therefore expendable. However overall, it's still a great narrative. 


If you look at the big picture, Neil shows just how weak and petty women can be. Endangering the safety of an entire camp just to get revenge? I guess ladies will only genuinely care about a man when he's dead and when that happens nothing else matters but how she felt about him. Are a woman's emotions really that important?

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