I would love to live in dorms but am worried about the money?

I have the option either to live at my house or in the dorms for my college years. I would love to live in the dorms for the social experience and to get put of my parents house, but its SO much money! If I really want to then I could but I also want to get my own house asap. My parents said they would pay the tuition but thats it. Would living in the dorms delay that a lot? What should I do? Any advice?

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    1 month ago
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    It is a lot of money to live on campus; at my school, room and board is more than tuition and fees.  If you can have your tuition covered and live at home for free, you will be so far ahead financially when you complete college.  You might have scholarship money that would help cover your housing costs; if you have enough to cover all of your living expenses, then that would be reasonable.  But taking out loans just to enjoy the experience of dorm living would be a questionable decision. 

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    what's more important to you -- the social experience or the education?

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