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How to make a drawing look like it does in your head?

I can draw, but it never ends up the way it looks in my mind. I can't exactly photograph the mental image, but I keep trying and yet it never looks the same. how do I get images from my brain into drawing?

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    I feel the same frustration when writing. I can't accurately translate and transcribe the vision from my mind to the page.

    I think even the great artists could not achieve perfection. They could only strive to make the image come very, very close to the vision. Everyone who saw the picture may think it was perfect, but only the artist knew it wasn't.

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    You just stare hard at a piece of paper and mentally project the image from your mind to the page. Remember to wiggle your fingers while you're doing it and don't forget to make lots of "whooshing" sounds too. Hope this helped answer your inane anon question.

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