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How do I stop someone from hacking my phone from another system?

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  • 2 months ago

    to try a simplify your answer. you should first note that to hack someone's phone is not that easy to do form a distance. the only real threat to your phone is in the form of a closer persona. Anyone within about 300 meters of you. most attacks on cell phones require a line of sight to be effective. 

    3 simple tips for preventing your phone from being attack are:

    - password protect your phone pleassseee !!!!!!!!! - has an IT security professional I have to say this is the biggest weakness in phone security. people not securing their phones with strong passwords. 

    - encrypt your phone and back it up. - this will make hard for anyone for trying to bye-pass your password protection

    - turn off Bluetooth please. only use Bluetooth when you have to. if you're not using it ensure it power off on your phone - it one of the easiest whole to attack with a line of sight forms of attack.

     Additional Tips  

    - don't connect to any wifi point you do not personally know are good or trust.

    -  don't download files your not sure of. 

    hope this helps.

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