How to keep flies out of a cabin?

There is a cabin on some family land in the mountains that continuously hoards flies (just the normal common big black house fly).  Nothing in the cabin is rotting, and it's not like there is a landfill nearby for them to breed off of, yet weekly, if not daily, somehow thousands of them get trapped in this cabin and die all over the floor and furniture.  There has got to be some kind of natural repellent that can be used to coax the ones that are trapped to get out, and keep new ones from getting in.  The cabin is not easily accessible and is a drive to get to, so I'd like to find some method that will last a long time.  Any one experienced with this kind of stuff/can offer suggestions?

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    It sounds like you have "cluster flies". They're typically at their worst in the fall when they're looking for a warm spot to hibernate. Cluster flies look like big house flies and show up in the thousands.  Whether you've got cluster flies or just house flies, the only solution I've found is to tighten the house up.

    When I moved into my log home, I had a huge cluster fly problem. On a sunny day, the outside of the house was "alive" with flies looking for a way in. I tried sprays like Ectoban.  I tried a product which is a nerve poison that you add to paint or stain.  The idea is that the bugs walk on the siding, and absorb the poison through their feet. There are lots of products, just google cluster flies. Ultimately, nothing worked for me except old fashioned caulk, spray foam, screening and sealing windows.

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    Wire mesh for the windows and a wire mesh door keeps the flies out. They are feeding off of the dead bodies you got buried around the cabin(there is a reason they say to dig 6 feet down)  Meat rot smell is what attracts flies. Leave the windows partially open so cold air gets in there(there is no heater running either)  The cold kills them dead once. Once is all you need.   

    . The cabin has too many openings to the outside and heats up inside and the flies like the heat.

    . You can also get sticky strips.  Comes in a green tube about .410 shotgun size in diameter. You can get them at a grocery store(ASK them) or a SPORTING GOODS STORE(ASK THEM) or a hardware store (ask them) It Uncoils and you hang it from the ceiling and the flies are attracted to it and stick FOREVER.

     You only need one for the cabin. All the flies in the cabin will smell it and land on it and they stay there. It will be sticky for years.  I don't smell any odor from it but the flies find it and land to inspect.

    .  This will clean the floors and the furniture of dead flies.

    . Being in the mountains, it is unusual because high in the mountains means cold white stuff.(which makes the hot cabin look inviting)  Flies have INFRARED VISION meaning they can see the heat on the glass and off the roof so they will try to find an entry point.  Which they have found.

     Or there is dead animal near the house.  Or a herd of animals.   

     Or you live next to a farm. Flies are normal on a farm.

    You got to figure it out better.

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    They can get inside by tiny openings or cracks.  best you can do is put up the sticky fly traps

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    a roll of screen would probably go a long way ...

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