How Would You Know There's A Rat In The Wall?

I live in the country side so rats getting into old houses is common, though I don't think my families house is that old (maybe 40 years max since my parents built it.) My mom is old and can't hear well but I constantly hear what sounds like dust in the walls if u knock on it. I've been away all weekend, I don't eat in my room often so I don't tend to get bugs or anything else in there (though they definitely find a way into the house bc the kitchen has a leak somewhere and so many water bugs get in all the time). Anyway, I was watching TV and heard VERY loud rustling. I can usually guess the size of a bug bc my hearing is  very good and a big bug makes a lot of noise but this sounded so loud I thought my fan was blowing a crushed paper I had on my desk. I threw the paper away, paused my tv, listened, heard nothing. I knocked the wall to see if it was the dust falling, nothing. Went back to TV and heard it again, coming from the corner (my bed is backed into a corner against the wall, so there shouldn't be anything "there" to cause noise like papers or boxes. The sound is so loud, if I get up or make noise it stops but if I'm relaxing watching TV I hear it. i waited again, heard the sound and then heard the dust in the wall move from one  corner to the other. What should I do? I'm the type of girl that hates killing things in general, I even vacuum up bugs bc killing them is too scary.

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    5 months ago
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    There shouldn't be "dust in the walls."  That sounds like some sort of made up excuse not to investigate and deal with problems.  Maybe your parents made it up to diguise that they couldn't afford repairs?

    If you're in the country I'd think mice were more common than rats unless you're on a farm or small industrial unit, but you can also get squirrels, other small mammals, and bigger ones like raccoons, not to mention birds and if your room is under the attic as well.

    If you can't spot the culprit you look for signs like dropping and chew marks.  Your parent(s?) shouldn't just let things lie.  Pests can cause a lot of damage especially rodents which can chew on electrical wiring.  Somebody needs to get the pest controllers out and seal up all the nooks and crannies they can use to find their way in from.  If your bedroom is away from food storage areas you can bet that there's more than one in the house as they want to be as near the food as possible.  In general I don't like putting poison down because if it's something large like a rat or bigger it will stink to the high heavens and attract flies.You need to talk to your mom about this.

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    5 months ago

    Until you have solved the "rats" problem, do NOT read this story:

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    5 months ago

    You're not hearing "dust"! 

    You're hearing insects or animals. 

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    5 months ago

    "what sounds like dust in the walls."  That is a sound even SUPERMAN CANNOT HEAR WITH HIS SUPERHEARING.

    Just a fact.

    RATS don't go inside.

    You live in the country, so squirrels would be common.  Them and chipmunks.  Go outside of the house and look at the overhang.  It has a vent hole THAT SHOULD HAVE WIRE MESH ACROSS THE HOLE(to stop insects and critters from getting inside the roof) At the ends of the house many have rectangular vents in the walls .  They too are wire meshed from the  inside to keep the creatures out, bats, rats, cats, squirrels, chippy's and mice, deers & queers.  You have to check from the inside the house to see the wire mesh.  If it is missing put some there and the creatures of the night will no longer be a problem.

     .   40 is nothing.  They were doing this over 100 years ago.

    Woodland creatures stay out of houses people live in.99% of the time.

    Mice & rats are the only ones that can stand the stink of humans. They eat the same food you do.(unless you went VEGAN)

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