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Who/what was breaking down the trees in season 1 of Lost?

Was it the Man in Black? It's never cleared up who was tearing down the trees. Wth?

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    Yes.  Although I don't think this was explicitly said on screen, the producers confirmed that the "monster" breaking down trees in the pilot was the smoke monster, which we later learn is the Man in Black.

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    Yes it was the smoke monster aka the man in black aka Jacob's twisted brother.

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    The Man in Black? You mean Johnny Cash?

    Gosh, something wasn't cleared up in "Lost"? Who knew?

    Clearly you have not schooled yourself in the J.J. Abrams school of theatrical excellence. The key is to come up with at least one preposterous, but cool idea, in every episode, hoping that the short attention span of your viewers will forestall comments like: "This doesn't make sense. In season one he was a mass-murderer. In season three, he's a sympathetic figure whose daughter was murdered by, you know, someone just like he was in season one."

    Oh, and what's cooler than some steam-punk machinery in the Earth's mantle that can move an island around like it's a boat?

    And why didn't somebody tell him that blowing up (or imploding, as it were) Vulcan wasn't a good plot device.

    If J.J. Abrams were to write a masters thesis, one promising possibility would be "Painting oneself into a corner with plot inconsistencies and randomized character arcs." This pretty much characterizes "Lost".

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    it was ferris destroyer of galaxies

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  • 1 month ago

    Sounds like a parody for the dead having enters the institutions they enter which enters them in order so acquire the world 

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