Musical bloopers that remained on released record?

You know bloopers or goofs in movies, those small revealing and funny mistakes.

Sometimes bloopers occur in released audio recordings. I'm going to mention a few:

- "Hey Jude" - John's spoken "whoah" on 2:58 followed by swearing a few seconds later (reaction to his headphones being too loud).

- "Child In Time" (Japan) - "gunshot" at 10:00 mark (probably a glitch in Jon's Hammond) - a source of urban legends.

- "Roxanne" - first 7-8 seconds, flanging of loose recording tape, random hit on keyboard, and Sting's laugh. (allegedly Sting accidentally sat on a keyboard)

- "Love Shack" - Cindy's shout "Tin roof rusted!” @3:50 . According to Kate Pierson interview "some of the instrumentation was pre-recorded, and all of a sudden it stopped, just as Cindy was in full throttle, yelling, “Tin roof rusted!” The tape had stopped, but she kept going. And that’s actually how we got that part. It wasn’t planned. It just happened."

Do you know similar examples?

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  • Jim
    Lv 5
    5 months ago

    On The Whos' Eminence Front the first time they sing Eminence Front Pete Townsend is off a half second.  It sounds horrible.

  • 5 months ago

    During Fairport Convention's recording 'Si Tu Dois Partir', before the final chorus, someone knocked over a stack of Coca Cola bottles in the studio. It was retained in the final recording.

  • 5 months ago

    Sister Rosetta Tharpe's Can't Sit Down has the lyric:

    "It must be the Israel of Children-lites"

    On Hard Travelin', The Sinking of the Reuben James, Arlo Guthrie forgot the second verse and Pete Seeger had to take it over.

    On the H.A.R.P. album, Arlo forgot what song they were going to play and had to inquire. (It was Twelve Gates to the City). On that same album, he stumbles on his verse in Oh Mary Don't You Weep. "It was Moses first proved the notion, the world is safer with the army in the ocean."

  • dman63
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Led Zeppelin.  There’s a spot near the end of the guitar solo in “Hot Dog” where Page slows down for a second and then catches up.  Every time I hear the song, I think (and sometimes say) “Come on, Jimmy!” when that comes up.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    The multiple flubbed notes by Jimmy Page in his failed attempt to play a fast solo in the song "Heartbreaker" on the 2nd Led Zeppelin album.  He hits a few open strings.   It stayed in, likely because they knew that few listeners actually play guitar & wouldn't realise it was a mistake.  

    Hendrix got away with a few flubs too.  

    Re: McCartney & "Ob la di ..."  But WAS it a mistake?  The Beatles often mocked transexuals in their songs: 

    In "Get Back", '...Loretta Martin thought she was a woman, but she was another man".  

    In "Polythene Pam, She's so good looking, but she looks like a man.  Well you should see her in drag dressed in her polythene bag."  

    I've always thought they were spoofing some of the truly strange characters they saw (& you can still see) in Hamburg's Reeperbahn district in 1960-62.  Remember: It was only on 27 July 1967 that homosexuality became legal in the U.K. & 27 June 1969 in Canada.  It's still illegal in most of the U.S.   


  • 5 months ago

    Another Keith Moon incident. An instrumental single by Jeff Beck and written by Jimmy Page titled "Beck's Bolero". After the big scream in the middle, Moon knocked out the drum mikes and only the cymbals could be heard to the end.

  • 5 months ago

    Baba O'Riley, Keith Moon was a bit too excited and came in too fast for a couple of bars, pushed for a couple more bars and then settled into tempo.

    Michael is very sharp in the first breakdown on "baby" of I want you back, which he corrects as he sustains the note.

    Ella Fitzgerald COMPLETELY forgets the words in Mack the Knife - after a slight mistake in one verse she actually sings "What's the next chorus, to this song now, this is the one now, I don't know!". She won a grammy for it anyway.

  • The laughter is so infectious on the opening of this that it cracks me up everytime.

    Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan's 115th Dream

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  • 5 months ago

    Kurt Cobain starting the 3rd verse of “Polly” a little early.  He recovers quite well, and they left it on the record.

  • 5 months ago

    I'll mention a couple...

    In The Beatles’ “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da,” Paul mixes up the lyrics in the second bridge. Instead of singing, “Molly stays at home and does her pretty face,” he sings, “Desmond stays at home and does his pretty face.” It was a mistake, but it was left in, and he’s sung it like that in every performance. The main reason for not correcting it was that the other Beatles by then were fed up with the song and just wanted it finished.

    At 0:54 of “Louie Louie” by The Kingsmen drummer Lynn Easton, yells "f*ck." Listen carefully because you barely hear it. Apparently, he dropped a drumstick and yelled it in frustration. Given all the uproar about obscene lyrics in "Louie Louie," nobody noticed at the time that there WAS profanity on the record.

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