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College Weight Issues?

hi all! so by the middle of senior year Im not going to lie, i wasn't looking too good. I was around 150lbs as someone who is 5' 4". however, with festivities like prom and graduation coming up I decided I would take the first step and lose some weight. 

by may I was down to 120lbs and looking pretty good and I was really proud of all the work I had put in. then, in summer I had even more time and also had a senior trip to Hawaii planned with my friends in July so I decided to take the time to start working out a bit more and really toning my body so it was bikini ready. it really paid off when we went to Hawaii and were all looking so good :)then college rolled around and I was so excited because not only was I getting a fresh start but I looked better than I had in years. I weighed around 112 and my waist was finally as small as I wanted it. but of course with college came the drinking and just in the first few weeks I noticed I had put on about 5lbs. at this time, I normally ate 1500 calories a day and worked out 1 hour/day but this just wasn't cutting it with all the parties. I was constantly wearing crop tops and bralettes and it showed that my waist wasn't as cinched as before.

I tried a lot of things, but the only thing that seems to work to bring me back to my initial weight was eating 1000cal a day and working out 2 hrs a day instead of 1. now, I know that isn't healthy so I am wondering what other options I have to stay thin in college when we go back in the fall?

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  • Andy C
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    Dieting always fails. 

    Exercise has nothing to do with significant fat loss or gain,  but when thin, it causes bigger muscles,  which means that less fat is needed. 

    That you already put alcohol as a cause will make the truth easier to take.  Alcohol doesn't make you fat because it is rich in calories.   It makes you fat and sick because, when consumed regularly, it causes liver dysfunction that prevents the release of the hormone leptin,  the body's natural hunger off switch,  which leads to overeating.   THIS is where calories come into play.

    The illness caused by the liver dysfunction is called metabolic syndrome and is the reason for 85% of obesity,  most heart disease and all of diabetes II.

    And skin disorders like acne. 

    Now, imagine if this all wasn't only caused by alcohol.   The fructose in sugars and white flour products does the exact same thing.   It's not how many calories but WHICH things that you regularly consume. 

    Another is trans fats. 

    Another is branched chain amino acids from corn-fed animal products. 

    Metabolic syndrome increases the risk of dying of COVID-19 by 10×, and now you know why the US was hit so hard. 

  • Tasm
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    1 month ago

    Don't drink, its fattening. 

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