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Getting Stuck With a Bill ?

So my boyfriend broke up with me a month ago but we stayed on “good terms” although not really. Anyway we had phones together under my name, when we switched his phone to his own account under his name the balance of his phone stayed under my number and is now coming out on my next bill. 

He said he would pay for the bill but is now being really sketchy about sending me money for it. 

Is there anyway I can legally hold him to paying that bill? 

He’s said he’ll pay for it over text before, can I use those at all? Am I screwed?


Edit: the bill is over $1,000

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    Actually, if everything fur those two lines were all under your name, you unfortunately are in the hook for everything including the cost of those two phones.

    When you did the transfer of responsibility for his line, you needed to also switch the monthly payments for that phone over to his new new account as well. You may still be able to do this, but you need to do it in person, not over the phone. Bring all paper work with you when you go. 

    So legally he's not responsible, because I'm sure the reason the phones were in you name, was due to his credit being so bad that he could not get a phone on his own credit. 

    If it were me, I would ask him once for the money in full. If he says no, ask for the phone back. When he says no to that. Report the phone stolen, which gets it blacklisted and shut off. Yeah you are still stuck with the bill for the phone, but you can work something out with the carrier. 

    In the future, NEVER, get a phone or plan with anyone that can only get a phone if they can't get one on their own. 

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    If the bill is high enough that you want to sue him over it and he told you in writing that he would pay it, then you might have a case. However, the process of taking him to court, winning, and then forcing him to pay is a mess. Unless this bill is in the hundreds of dollars, it probably isn't worth it.

    Of note, this is a good cautionary tale: don't live with your boyfriend.

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