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Will I receive loose skin upon weight loss with how I currently am?

I am 16 years old, weighing at no more than 220 pounds. I plan on losing a few - preferably 40 to 50 - but I’ve been reading that losing that amount and more can lead to excess skin. So I’m just basically wondering: if I take my time with losing weight along with a bit of a good diet, do I necessarily have to worry about loose skin, considering my age as well? I’ve been weighing over 200 pounds for about five to six months at the very least so I definitely think it can be possible to lose some of it without worrying constantly about the unwanted skin. And if you need or want to know, I plan to do all of this by mostly walking and running for 30 minutes to an hour in total a day, but I’ve read and anticipate that any type of muscle exercise may be involved and is likely important.

And yes, I am very much terrified about surgery, which is primarily why I’m asking this lol. But it may be the only option if it comes down to it.

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  • A
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    1 month ago

    at your age your body should be able to snap back into shape,  slow steady weight loss and exercise will help

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Drop the weight slowly at a healthy pace and some of the loose skin issues won't happen.  You are young - your skin MIGHT recover if you drop the weight slowly.

    You might still have some loose skin issues - but it is certainly better than being over weight - and loose skin can be fixed when you are old enough to pay for it yourself.  

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