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Is 19 too young for 24?

I'm 24 in this and matched with a bird on tinder, she's gorgeous and we seemed to get on well so I was going to ask her out on a date but then I saw 19 beside her name. What's the general rule or Where's, the line drawn 

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    Well she is legal, but honestly it depends on her. Some girls like older men, some don't. The. only way to know is to talk to her ig.

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    I fell for a girl who was 20 when i was 24 and then as she matured it was too late before I saw that the age gap wasnt too serious since the feelings were so strong. But in hindsight, what I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't miss your chance when it comes to matters of the heart. You could really regret it. Take a chance and forget what everyone else thinks or says because only you would know if you truly love someone.

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    If you are NOT going to wear your ages on shirts so that everyone knows... why would anyone care?

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    The question with age gaps is always about life experience, because someone with much more life exp. under their belt can take advantage of/manipulate people with a good bit less.

    Since she's 19 when you first 'met', this is probably fine, unless you notice a huge gap in how responsible/experienced the two of you are. Also maybe text her and let her know that you're 24, and is she comfortable with that, just in case she missed it.

  • Murzy
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    1 month ago

    Dating her would be fine if you are lucky enough.

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