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Should I eat more?

I eat a net of 1,100 calories a day and run about 25 miles a week. I know I have a problem with eating however I am 15 and haven’t asked for help so I haven’t been diagnosed with anything. I really want pancakes and fries for some reason but I’m scared I’ll gain weight because it’ll bring my calorie intake today to around 3,000 calories. I’m 5’1 and 99 pounds and am desperately trying to maintain my weight without obsessing over food. Will eating this meal help that? Will I gain weight?

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    This is an issue that can’t be helped by strangers on the internet. At your age I was struggling massively with ocd and I didn’t get help until recently. You always end up wondering how much better would life have been if you spoke to people sooner and got therapy. Don’t waste your time and youth. Be braver than I was and talk to your parents or friends or teachers so they can guide you towards the right help. Good luck xxx

  • 1 month ago

    You need a therapist specialized in eating disorders right away because nothing of what you mentioned is a healthy behaviour or a healthy relationship with food.

    Are you kidding me? 1000 calories a day is no way close to what a teenager needs to eat. I'm a Dietitian myself and I'm not counting calories all the time. If I don't need it nor do you.

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    According to the height charts, at 5'1", a weight of 100 to 127 lbs is the norm.

    You are not eating enough calories, as reflected in your low weight.

    You can eat anything you want, in small quantities. 

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