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Why are chinese people such a disgusting class of people and what can trump do about shutting down wet markets ?

Chinese culture is responsible eating anything with legs from a filthy disgusting wet market. 

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    To blame the Chinese citizens for the communistic lifestyle they are forced into by the Regime is not their fault. They are all controlled and brainwashed, treated like chit and forced to live in deplorable conditions that keep them poverty stricken with poor paying jobs in a slave-like manner.

    Yeah, they eat weird stuff and yes, there is no food handling protocol. That is why so many diseases and illnesses originate there. 

    No one chooses to live like that. They are trapped and conditioned by their government.

    Yes, their wet markets are disgusting. I have seen videos of caged animals stacked in crates on top of one another. Their feces, urine, blood and puss leak down from one cage to the next, creating many health issues among the animals themselves to the people who handle and eat them. It makes my stomach flop when I think about that filthy, disease festering chit hole market.

    Neither Trump or anyone else can control how other countries handle their food. All we can do is not buy any of our food from China. 

    I am not even sure if we use China for any of our food sources, but I will find out. And, if we do, we all  as citizens of the USA and worldwide, we should boycott all food that has anything to do with China.

    After seeing how China treats animals and their own citizens, the world would be crazy to trust them as a food supplying source. We'd just be asking for trouble.

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    Majority of adult Americans become over weight and we Americans are very bad at being humble and grateful. Its well known by other countries that lots of Americans are arrogant. Each country has its problems so lets not be judgemental and hateful towards one another.

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    The government of China has already shut down the wet markets. You really should read more before you troll. Some of the trade will go underground- it's really going to take an education program. But Trump has nothing to do with it. There are, however, organizations such as the Wildlife Fund, that are working with the government of China to reduce the dangerous activities. If you are really concerned, you could contribute money to them. 

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    Perhaps you could visit a beef or chicken processing plant here in the states.

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    Wet markets in themselves aren't an issue; the majority are well maintained and managed, and do not cause issues.

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