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Can you eat guppies? Any reason why not? How to do it safely?

Hi, So people allover the world eat small fish. If we're doing aquaponics and have lots of guppies, is there any reason why we can't eat them? Could an adventurous resteraunt use them with out any legal ramifications? What would be the problem if any?

I heard that fish under 3 inches don't need ot be gutted; why are they safe to eat ungutted?

I heard that you could get parasites. But isn't that true for ALL fish?

Does cooking them eliminate parasites?

What about a "sustainable sushi" resturaunt? Why shouldn't they use guppies? if they were to do so, what would you reccomend to prepare the guppies for eating (if anything)?


Fast breeders,

Small enough for home and apartment protein cultivation (& more appealing than the "insects are the food of the future" thing that's going aroudn these days).\

Multi use with aquaponics of veggi cultivation and as feeder fish for larger breeds.

Ultra low cost!

Food could be sold at decadent novelty prices (sustainable sushi made from fresh guppies harvested before your and swinning int he tanks around yoru resturaunt booth).

They can be really pretty. 

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    You are not supose to eat the cemicals that you add to most aquariums.  That is why many of those products say "for ornamental fish only"  

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