Was mythology taught in public high school in 1973?

My mother in law is adamant that no mythology of any kind was even taught in school back in 1973 because she doesn't know any of it; doesn't know what a cyclops is or who Zues is etc. I'm pretty sure that it was standard that at least some Greek mythology has been part of the curriculum for a long time now. I'm referring to American public high school, specifically Rosemead highschool in California but confirmation about any high school in California woyld be awesome, thanks!

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    I graduated from high school in 1969 in Illinois. In my school, classes that would touch on mythology (lit classes, basically; Latin was dropped a year or two before I started high school) were organized by what your ability was perceived to be based on your grade performance. I'm guessing your mother-in-law's school was like that and she was in classes that didn't stress learning any of that because it was deemed probable that she wouldn't be going to college.

    The Iliad and the Odyssey were taught in my school in English 4, which was college prep- prior to that, we read one Greek tragedy per year and of course English lit that often has mythological references, but I was in the upper-level class.

    So the short answer is that your mother-in-law probably was adjudged to be someone who wasn't going to college and had no need to study anything like that. I suggest you drop the conversation to maintain peace, lol.

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    I was in school in the 1960's and my kids were in school 1969-1980 and Mythology was taught then.

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