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I'm absolutely disgusted and terrified of being around human, geese, or dog waste?

I have OCD, I was diagnosed with it, like 2 years ago. And something I struggle with is contamination OCD. I cannot stand being around washrooms, it triggers me badly. Everytime I'm walking by a washroom, I have to distract myself somehow. I've even avoided public parks where I would normally expect dog or geese waste.

My dad sometimes takes a **** and his **** leaves stains around the toilet. I've told my mom several times this, because my dad never listens to me, or he won't take me seriously. This has become such a huge trigger to me, and often frustrates me that my dad doesn't clean up after himself.

For those who think OCD is a character trait, or is all about being a neat and clean freak, OCD is NOT fun to go through, its a very controlling disorder. Its a nightmare, I've even had dreams of this exact fear, and it was very disturbing. 

Anytime I get triggered by this thought of possibly touching human feces everytime I pass by a washroom, or step inside a washroom, these thoughts stick in my head. I CANNOT get them out, NO MATTER how HARD I try.

I don't know what to do anymore, I'm waiting for a local anxiety clinic to open up, but I just don't know what to do anymore. I will have to go through this struggle for the next two months :(

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