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Why is there a "switch" on my emotions when they get over a certain threshold?

I suffer from having suicidal tendencies, they happen a few times each month. I haven't gone to professional help but am planning to when I get the finances and time. I have been going through immense "attacks"(?) of negative emotions which have drove me to make an attempt on my life several times. 

In certain circumstances, when I go into a very dark place, my mind just goes "No, I don't want this." and everything goes back to how I was before it happened, in which I can be "normal"(?). 

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    I too suffer from depression episodes. I take medication for them, and it seems to have helped attenuate the frequency of them. Most psychologist would seek triggers or external switches for the negativity and adjust life accordingly. Some of us don't have triggers though, and it is something that occurs as a mood disorder, an internal activity. That internal activity may be the result of some psychological trauma, or past negative experience, or it can just arise or emerge out of imbalanced brain chemistry/genetic predisposition. When analyzing these kind of conditions it is always useful to approach them firstly with an open mind and an inclination to understanding the multiple variables at play.

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    Before I answer your question about the "switch," I want to say that it takes time to recover from a case of depression. Even so, if you're recovering you should be able to notice improvements in your symptoms from one week to the next. What's more, you'll feel great when you've recovered. Problems that seemed hopeless will suddenly have solutions that seem obvious, and you'll appreciate things in a new way.

    About the switch, there are effective methods of coping in a moment of crisis. These methods have been proved effective in many studies of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, the best treatment for borderline personality disorder, a serious illness that has self-destructive tendencies as a frequent symptom.

    I'll tell you about the DBT methods and give you some depression info.

    This is a DBT article - 


    You can use any of those methods, or a combination,

    A very easy way to calm down is just to breathe slowly. DBT recommends breathing gently through the nose, with a hand on your belly to feel it go in and out. Inhale 5 sec and exhale 7 sec till you feel OK.

    Also, simple distractions can be very good. This video has suggestions. It also has a very good hotline. No one will bother you if you call.

    Youtube thumbnail


    There's a lot of things that can help, and an advantage to having a professional who knows how to use them. I couldn't say exactly what kind of help you'd need but there are healthy lifestyle things that can help with all kinds of depression. I have info in my answers, like this one.

    See the details, under DEPRESSION TREATMENTS.

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    Sounds like a good coping mechanism. 

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    maybe you should get some counseling

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