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Is Feminism a sign of an uncivilized society?

Civilized countries like Japan, Russia, Korea, Middle east, Greece and Italy are ranked low in gender equality index, while barbaric uncivlized nations like Bangladesh, Philippines, Malawi, Rwanda, Nicaragua and Barbados are ranked high in gender equality index.

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    "Is Feminism a sign of an uncivilized society?"

    It depend on what measurement you use.  The Noric countries have the highest "happiness" index if you will.  But the highest equality index countries are some of the most brutal one's in the world as you have stated.  For example, the county with the highest number of women in government is Rwanda.  Next is Cuba.  Who wants to live in either of those two countries??

    On the other hand, the Nordic countries with feminist values have a rather low equality index because when women have the luxury of being able to excerizie their own choices, what happens is that their choices usually don't align with men's choices.  Feminists misunderstand this because they want to deny any differences between men and women.  This is why whenever they see this "inequality" in Western nations, they always proclaim that "we still have a long way to go".

    Giving women full agency and choices in a wealthy country, leads to happiness.  But that condition also leads to what feminists call "gender inequality"  .... as if women choosing differently then men do is a problem.


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    No, anti-feminism is a sign of an uncivilized society.

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    If the EU and US didn't exist you might have a point. 

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    Lol. The opposite actually 

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    For one thing, your data is incorrect. The ones ranked the highest on the GII are Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland. The lowest ranked are Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Mali, and the CAR. Japan is actually very highly ranked at 19, Italy is high on the list at 29, and Greece is at 32. I'm not sure what you mean by "middle east" because there are many countries there but Israel is ranked 22. Korea is right under it at 23. Malawi is actually really low at 173, Philippines:73, Rwanda:83, Nicaragua:105, Bangladesh:129. Anyway that whole system of measurement is flawed and I personally don't find the study to be super reliable.

    For another thing, you're mistaken when you call any country uncivilized. There are good and bad things about every country, including the US and all of those "civilized" countries you named. Just because some countries are currently in a state of dysfunction due to war, poverty, or famine doesn't mean that the regular civilians who live there are any less human than you are. I hope you never have to face those hardships. That's a very ugly attitude.

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    It's the opposite, as only civilised countries are 'open' enough to discuss equality.

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    Not sure where you're getting your data from, but the top ranked countries for gender equality are places like Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, France, and Finland. They're all civilized societies. Uncivilized societies such as Yemen, Afghanistan, and Sierra Leone rank low.

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