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What is being under anesthesia like?

I have never had a surgery before but I am going to get my wisdom teeth out really soon and they are going too use anesthesia to make me go to sleep. I am nervous for the surgery because I am nervous of what the anesthesia will be like. I'm afraid I won't wake up, I will be paralyzed but be able to feel the whole thing, or that I will say something that I will regret after waking up.

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    I’ve only been under anesthesia once a few years ago. It felt like I blinked. Don’t worry about it, they should be able to tell if anything is wrong

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    it like being trapped in room with right wing conspiracy theorist-- u very sleepy and bored but after it all over u remember nothing

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    You most likely will be fine as long as you're not allergic to the anesthesia. It'll be over before you know it, and it's actually very relaxing while it lasts. There is always a chance of 'not waking up,' but the anesthesia they use at an oral surgeon's office (which I've found to be better than at a normal dentist office) will almost certainly make you feel good once it circulates in your system which doesnt take long. The alternative to no anesthesia is not a pleasant experience

    I don't know who you are or your medical history, but I'm guessing with 99.99% confidence you'll be fine. Good luck.

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    I've had general anesthesia twice in the last 10 years or so.  Each time I paid extra close attention to see if I could feel myself going under, if I could feel the anesthesia 'coming on'.  But what happens is that you're awake and chatting one instant, and the next instant you're waking up in the recovery room.  The only painful thing is when they put the needle in your arm.  (And that's bad enough!  But not that bad.)

    Now I shouldn't tell you this because it sounds scarier than it was.  When I had my wisdom teeth out I got general anesthetic.  When I woke up I was confused.  I didn't know who I was or where I was or what had happened.  My dad was leaning over me, and I thought he looked vaguely familiar but I didn't know who he was either.  He asked me what I thought had happened to me and I said I felt like I'd been hit by a train.  Probably in my mouth, because it was full of gauze and cotton.

    They poured me into the car (I recognized the car!) and drove me home.  And as we pulled up in the driveway I had the thought 'Hey!  I LIVE here!'  I was totally fine in about half an hour.  I was never really frightened or desperate.

    Years later, when I needed a hernia repair, the nurse asked me if I'd ever had a negative experience with general anesthetic and I told her that story.  She laughed. "That happens a lot," she said.  But I've had GA maybe 7 or 8 times in my life and it only happened that one time.

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    I've been under anesthesia six times now and it's honestly pretty fun. The anesthesia will be administered and a nurse will likely have you start counting until you pass out and then you'll wake up an hour or two later really loopy. If you're feeling nervous about it try to focus on something else. A fun one I tend to do is try to recited as many state capitals as I can in my head as I go under. I always then wake up muttering about state capitals. 

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    General anaesthetic works in seconds. It does not hurt. the next thing you know, it is all over and you are awake again. You are not aware of anything while under general anaesthetic. You have no concept of time or what is being done. As far as you are aware, as soon as you go under the anaesthetic, they are waking you up again.

    You WILL wake up. You WILL NOT feel anything. You will not say anything during the procedure. You will feel a little groggy for a while after anaesthesia so you will not be able to drive or use dangerous machinery. Try not to worry. The dental staff have done it thousands of times and know exactly what they are doing. Your job is to make it easy for them to do their job so stay cool and let them guide you through it. You will be fine.

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    I've had two operations, both requiring anaesthesia. For my broken wrist they put the anaesthetic into my arm. I watched him press the plunger, and snap, the next thing I knew everything was done and I was back in a hospital bed in a little post-op area with my arm in a cast. I felt sluggish on waking up but clear of mind, it was like I'd slept in a little too long in the morning. Someone was there waiting and spoke to me as soon as I woke up, then they moved me back to the ward as soon as I opened my eyes and spoke to them and they knew I was okay. It's like you blink and everything is over. I was super nervous about the operation and I was scared of the canula, but a nurse let me play on her phone to distract me whilst they put it in so I didn't panic too much. The first operation I had was on my eyes so it was a little harder when I came around because my eyes were sore and it was trickier to open them, but both times the anaesthesia was absolutely fine. You know they're going to give it you, and you'll only see the process for a second then you'll shut your eyes and open them again on the other side faster than you realise.

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    If you are into it, watch the procedure from above.  You will wake up.  If you aren't sure when you are supposed to, the doc or nurse will tell you to wake up.

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