Why is my phone sending texts I did not write?

My boyfriend received a message from me that was incredibly rude but I did not write it or send it. I have an iPhone XR and I’m with EE. Why is my phone sending texts to people I did not write? I have tried googling it but can’t find any decent info. Is my phone spammed or do I have a virus or has someone hacked my phone? Please help !

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Two things are possibly happening here.

    1. Someone you know is spoofing your number and sending these rude text to your bf. 

    2. Your bf is lying, just to see your reactions. 

    Doubtful you have been hacked, as what would be the point of hacking a random stranger and texting one of their contacts? And unless you are someone that is high profile, it's not likely. 

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