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senior pictures—drapes?

apparently i have to take senior pictures in a few weeks and my dad didn’t warn me. i have to have a tank top to go under obviously, but the only tank top i have is the one in these pictures. is this okay? also, i’m really insecure when i go out in tank tops and stuff because i have bad skin so i’m wearing a shirt over it when i first enter, will they let me quickly change out of my shirt in the bathroom so people only see me in a tank for a few minutes? i’m super nervous


another thing that’s kind of silly, will they let me wear a headband? i don’t want my picture to be totally plain

Update 2:

forgot to mention they’re making us wear black v neck drapes, whoops

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    Call the studio or look at the guidelines provided by your high school.  If they are requiring all the girls to wear black drapes, they probably aren't going to allow for much individualizing like a headband.  I'd suggest you plan to NOT have a headband.

    I can't see a picture, but drapes tend to come slightly off the shoulder, so the color and straps of your tank top aren't important -- they'll have to be pushed down out of site below where the drape hits your shoulders and chest anyway.

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    1. WHAT pictures?

    2.  Why not ask where you are having the pics taken?

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