are colored vinyl 45s in a boxed set of Mozart by Capital records with anything?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    There could be some value to them because they are mildly collectable, 

    but don't expect them to be worth a lot. 


    There is a market for almost everything. 

    The most difficult part is finding that market. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    When CDs first became available, they sold for a lot more than vinyl records, and yet the first music fans who switched to CDs were classical music fans, because they no longer hear clicks and pops and also background noise when they listen to music. The dynamic range of classical music (difference in sound level between the loudest and softest passages) is also bigger than rock music and CDs excel in dynamic range. In fact, the CD was sized so that it will allow be able to fit inside a car stereo and it can accommodate Beethoven's Ninth Symphony on 1 disk.

    That  is why classical music on vinyl are practically worthless, since classical music fans no longer want to listen to vinyl records. Of course many people buy vinyl LPs right now so that can own them. Vinyl records are basically collector's items. A box set of classical music on vinyl records may have value as antiques, but they are not worth anything to people who like to listen to music instead of looking at the records once in a while while putting them in storage to keep them from being damaged.

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