How was someone not in my contacts able to call me on Facebook Messenger?

I was selling an item on Facebook Marketplace and was exchanging messages with a potential buyer. After agreeing on the purchase I gave him my post code, to come and collect the item. I was then a little shocked when the guy CALLS me on Messenger telling me he was on my street. How is this possible? When I tried to call him back, I was unable to do so because he was "not in my contacts". So how was he able to call me?? Basically a complete stranger is able to call me and not the other way round. Everything was fine in the end and the guy was ok, but it was a bit of a rattling experience. Any ideas how this happened and how to fix it? I tried Facebook help center and found nothing.

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1 Answer

  • Daniel
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    He probably Figured out your First and Last Name some how and Searched you on Messenger 

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