Is ACE private school in Paranaque or on the Philippines really that bad? ?

I was asking around for an ace private school in paranaque particularly sun valley but my friend discouraged me because my child will be left behind :( So i opted to choose another school.


Found these websites:

I have made up mind. I'll be enrolling my child to a different school. Thanks to all who responded 

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  • 3 months ago
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    Hi Kakie. I also tried searching for ACE schools in Paranaque or ACE schools in sun valley but when a friend from paranaque told me that ace is not a good choice for her kids i changed my mind. Kids daw are left behind because children from ace schools in paranaque or in the philippines daw, when they would transfer to a regular school, they are required to take a qualifying exam sa deped sadly most failed and do not pass sa grade level na papasukan nila kasi sagot nga lang naman sila ng sagot ng worksheets na multiple choice :( i feel bad for those parents. and hindi daw na dedevelop yung ibang skills ng kids because they just need to finish their goal cards and worksheets / modules or paces. 

    With that said, i would like to recommend these schools:

    International Christian Academy




  • 3 months ago

    Well, unfortunately I agree with Kakie. Same thing happened with my cousin. He had to repeat school after taking a qualifying exam at deped

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