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I lost federal/state financial aid due to my grades/SAP progress at my college. Can I transfer to community college and get aid there?

Is the federal/state eligibility lost because of the university’s decision, or if I apply for FAFSA to go to community college will I not get aid there as well? Confused on whether or not it’s a federal aid thing or a university specific thing

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    Policies vary from college to college.  Some colleges have a "2nd chance" policy that would allow a student with an unacceptable GPA to be accepted with a "clean slate" GPA.  Others will accept the prior school's GPA and accept the student under a probationary status.  Some will advise you that you have to sit out a term before attending .  CALL the schools that you are interested in transferring to and see what their policies are...  Or, if there was something specific that caused you to have such poor grades? Is there a medical, physical, or mental condition that makes school extra hard for you that you failed to inform the school about upon enrollment?  Read through your current school's policies about SAP requirements, financial aid warnings, and probation status.

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