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How to set up voicemail box on new iPhone?

I just got a new iPhone. Every time someone calls me they are unable to leave a message because it says voicemail box is not set up. I checked and all it will let me do is set up a greeting which I did. However it still won’t let people leave messages. Any idea what else I have to do to set it up?

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    You setup the voicemail on your carrier's side. 

    Call your carrier's customer service number, and ask them how to activate your voicemail service for your account. They may be able to do that for you. You will then need to listen to the prompts to customize it for you. 

    Now if you are using a third-party voicemail service, like YouMail as your default voicemail, you will need to follow the YouMail activation, for your particular carrier. 

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